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1993 was the first vintage offered by VINISSIME to its enthusiastic customers, mostly wine lovers, intrigued to see how wines from the world viticulture elite will develop. Fine vintages have followed this one, but our approach has always been the same: offer the best from the main French wine regions.

All About Relationships Best & Largest Chateaus

Our relationships with the best and the largest chateaus, have allowed us to offer wines not found elsewhere, and at the best price. Our approach is to offer the best quality wines available. Many of the big names, but we also regularly offer finds that we consider excellent, or even exceptional.

Sometimes we also buy one or more barrels of wine that we feel is remarkable, by asking the winemaker to do a bottling especially for us (without gum arabic or filtration for example) and then offer them to you, with the certainty that you’ll be holding a unique product.

We are attuned with amateur wine lovers, the curious, and the Epicurean because we all share this passion for wine.

Pricing on Request Noble Product

Great wines are like high fashion, if you take out them of context, without the attention, delicacies and little things, they lose this singular aura of being special. In other words, wines need to be surrounded with a host of details. For this reason, you won’t find pricing details on this website because we believe it does not match the image of this noble product. 

In the same spirit, we never sell to supermarkets.

Having the chance to work in such a wonderful field, with moreover, direct commercial access to the biggest names in the French vineyards, it would be wrong to waste the jewels entrusted to us.

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We Love Our Clients Long-term Relationships

More than a commercial relationship, it is above all sharing a passion that drives us, and we are especially touched when our clients call us sometimes long after buying a few bottles from us, to ask us what kind of pairing would be desirable with such dish, or better yet, what would one eat with this wine?

Far from bothering us, this contact is an honor!

In the same vein, we strive to find perfect solutions to achieve your end of year gifts, often with an ability for extreme customization, if that is your wish.

Finally, regarding the logistical part, know that our wines are stored throughout the year in a cellar at controlled temperature (maximum possible variation to a degree) and away from any light.

VINISSIME… passion at the service of the wine!

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Private Events Wine Tasting

Sharing a love of French wine, with personal anecdotes of top chateaus and winemakers. For a focussed wine experience, groups are best between 10 and 15. One bottle yields about 20 tastings. Larger groups are possible too. Contact us to choose a theme to match your budget.